Student Storage Tips

College dorm rooms aren’t exactly known for being spacious and offering plenty of student storage space. There is only so much space in your dorm room, especially if you’re sharing space with another student. You know your Mom and Dad might be disappointed if they saw how cluttered your room is becoming. A self storage unit could be the answer to all your problems.

Depending on the time you choose to look, it could take you a while to find an available unit. This is especially true if you live in a smaller college town. The last months of the semester are usually the busiest. You may have to look at facilities a little further from town. But, if you want to free up space in your room (or just avoid shipping things home to Mom and Dad), a self storage unit could be worth the hassle.

There are a few things you should ask a storage facility before renting a unit:

  • What security do you have on-site? (Lights, cameras, fencing, security guards, etc.)
  • Do you charge sign-up or administration fees?
  • Do you prorate the first and/or last month?
  • Will I need to provide my own lock?
  • When will I be able to access my unit? 24/7?
  • What happens to my belongings if I forget to pay or an automatic payment doesn't go through?
  • Do you charge late payment fees?
  • What all can I store at your facility?
  • Do you offer student discounts?
What should you store in a storage unit? (Hint: nothing flammable or perishable!) Many facilities offer outdoor storage if you need to store your car over breaks. You can also look into climate controlled units that protect your belongings from extreme temperatures or humidity. You can store textbooks, old clothes, and random things you’ve accumulated since Freshman year.

Make things easy to find in your storage unit. Here are some tips:

  • Label your boxes
  • Places less-used items towards the back of your unit
  • Put breakables on top of other boxes
  • Leave spaces in your unit for walking
  • Add shelves for extra storage

Tidying up your dorm room will not only make your Mom and Dad happy, but will leave your room feeling clean and looking great! Now, you’ll have a clean, spacious place to study and host your friends.

College Lifestyle: What to Store

As you near the end of the semester, you need to decide what you plan to take home with you and what needs to stay behind. Depending on all that you’ve accumulated over your years in college, this can be frustrating and tiring. You may begin to notice that precious space in your dorm or apartment is being taken over by unnecessary items.

You may choose to donate some things, but others are still important to keep—even if you don’t use them daily. Though it may be hard, decluttering your dorm room will help you free up space and enjoy your dorm room more. A self storage unit can help you do just this.

Plan out what you need with these questions:

    • Do you have too many extra belongings?
    • When do you need to store items?
    • Will this be temporary storage for over a break or a semester?
    • How much time can you spend sorting which items to store and which to keep?

    Renting a self storage unit near your campus can have many benefits:

    • You can access the items in your storage unit whenever you need. Whether you need last semester’s textbooks, extra clothes, or more room decor you’ll have easy access to it.
    • You can also exchange clothing depending on the season.
    • On school breaks, you can store your furniture near campus.
    • You can declutter your room and take more items to the unit whenever you want.
    • You can store items, like textbooks, until you’re ready to sell them.

    Things to keep in mind when renting a storage unit:

    • Book your storage unit as soon as possible. Many storage facilities will fill up quickly, especially if you go to a larger campus!
    • Store your items properly to prevent damage. Wash your bedding, clothes, and linens before storing.
    • When packing your storage unit, leave space in between stacks of boxes for good ventilation. Also, leave the door of your mini fridge or other appliances open. This will prevent mildew from growing.
    • Consider renting a climate controlled unit for your valuables or electronics. TVs and game systems need to be kept at a proper temperature to avoid melting.

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